DHOXSS 2023 experiences - Applied Data Analysis

Yuxuan Liu is a student at the University of Helsinki and was awarded a bursary to attend this year's Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School. Yuxuan wrote the blogpost below about attending the Applied Data Analysis strand.To find out more about this year's bursaries see here. To join the mailing list and learn about the next summer school sign up here.

I am currently pursuing a Master's degree with coursework in computer science and computational chemistry at the University of Helsinki (Finland). I was thrilled to get a bursary for the Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School (DHOxSS). Here's a peek into my week.

Stepping into Keble College at Oxford was a mix of excitement and curiosity. I chose the Applied Data Analysis course, hoping to mesh my love for computational science with the wider world of humanities. The week was intense but rewarding.

What is a key lesson? Data isn't just numbers; it tells stories, with its own twists and biases. We delved into this, discussing how data is influenced by those who collect and interpret it. It reminded me that while numbers might seem clear-cut, the stories they tell can be more complex.

The hands-on sessions were a highlight. Playing with different tools, sifting through datasets, and seeing patterns emerge was both challenging and fun. It felt like solving a series of mini-mysteries, with each tool helping decode a different part of the puzzle.

Conversations with fellow attendees were invaluable. With a mix of backgrounds and expertise, every chat felt like a quick lesson. Whether it was discussing the best ways to visualize data or the ethics behind data collection, I always walked away with something new.

The poster session was a standout moment. Everyone got to showcase their projects. It was a window into diverse research areas, and I picked up fresh perspectives and ideas.

Keynote speakers added depth to our daily learning. They brought a range of insights, from how technology shapes humanities to what the future might hold. Each talk sparked ideas and discussions, making us think beyond the course material.

Oxford itself played a special role. Keble College, with its history and beauty, was the perfect backdrop. It wasn’t just about the lessons; it was about experiencing the spirit of a place steeped in knowledge.

In short, the week was a whirlwind of learning, networking, and discovery. The Digital Humanities Summer School taught me to see data differently and to appreciate the vastness of the digital humanities field. As I move forward in my studies, I'll be carrying these lessons and memories with me. If you're at the crossroads of tech and humanities, DHOxSS is a journey worth taking.