Explore Oxford's Digital Scholarship

Independently led projects applying digital technology to humanistic research are scattered across many different parts of the collegiate university, and funded from a variety of external and internal sources. A key aim of Digital Scholarship @Oxford is to support these projects in a variety of ways: by providing a showcase for this work, a forum for discussing shared challenges and good practice, resources for solving problems too large for individual projects to address, and a stable core of technical expertise needed to put them all on a more sustainable and convergent footing. The small selection of projects depicted here are examples of the variety of disciplines, the determination of our academic staff and their teams to share their research widely, and the huge depth of expertise in digital scholarship at Oxford. A historical list of former digital projects can also be found on the DH@Ox website.

If you’d like to find out about how Digital Scholarship at Oxford can support you and your research please get in touch.