Digital Scholarship internships - UNIQ+

Applications are now open for the University’s 2024 UNIQ+ postgraduate research internships.

UNIQ+ research internships are designed to provide students from under-represented and disadvantaged backgrounds who are ordinarily resident in the UK with the opportunity to experience postgraduate study. UNIQ+ gives students the chance to experience life as a graduate research student at Oxford, gaining skills and experience that we hope will enhance both their CV and any future postgraduate applications. During the seven-week programme, which will run from Monday 1 July to Friday 16 August 2024, students will undertake a research project, attend training and information sessions, and have the opportunity to take part in social events.

Our colleagues in the Centre for Digital Scholarship will be running two Digital Humanities projects:

Hoax! or the curious tale of William Stukeley and the false history of Roman Britain

Discover the truth inside a tangled web of lies and forgeries as you explore the letters and relationships behind an antiquarian hoax which went unchallenged for almost a century.

In 1747 William Stukeley (1687–1765), the founder of the British Society of Antiquaries, and one of the 18th century’s most celebrated historians of ancient Britain, received a letter from a fellow antiquarian in the Netherlands, one Charles Bertram (1723–1765). This letter described an incredible new discovery, The Description of Britain, a 15th century manuscript which completely subverted contemporary understandings of the geography of Roman Britain. Excited by this incredible discovery, Stukeley took Bertram under his wing, and promoted his new friend to the antiquarian world. The only problem, The Description was a forgery.

Gain unprecedented access to the correspondence between Bertram and Stukeley as you work with Electronic Enlightenment, Bodleian Archives and Manuscripts, and the Bodleian Imaging Studio to image, transcribe and catalogue the letters.

Sustainable digital scholarship: defining the state of the art

In Humanities disciplines, the advent of digital research methods has introduced a plethora of ever-changing opportunities and challenges. Innovations in, for example, big data, digital mapping, text-encoding, open-access, and multimedia events and publications are transforming how Humanities research is conducted and disseminated – broadening access and intellectual horizons. But the digital world is subject to constant flux, so it is difficult for researchers to keep abreast of new technologies, practices and pitfalls; meanwhile, web-based resources are prone to become ephemeral or obsolete.

On these shifting sands – and in view of complementary ‘sustainability’ concerns around privacy, security, and environmental impact – how can we define ‘best practice’, for achieving sustainability in digital research?

In this internship, you will delve into digital humanities literature, track down online case studies for comparative study, and work first-hand with Oxford’s Sustainable Digital Scholarship (SDS) team on research data migrations.

Applications close at 12:00 midday UK time on Wednesday 21 February 2024. For full eligibility criteria, the full list of projects available, and to apply, visit: