Help shape Oxford's digital future

Are you pursuing a doctorate or academic career at Oxford? Do you want to help shape the future of digital research in the University? Are you looking to give a voice to your fellow academics and students? Would you like to gain practical experience and recognition as an early career leader in Digital Scholarship?

Digital Scholarship @ Oxford (DiSc) is seeking a second Early Career representative to serve on its Steering Committee. The deadline for applications is 12 noon 31 May 2022. Applications must be submitted online here. You can learn more about Digital Scholarship @ Oxford and our mission here.

About the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee oversees the development and monitoring of the strategy for DiSc, advises on implementing proposed work streams and priority projects, and its members are advocates within and beyond Oxford for DiSc and digital scholarship. The Steering Committee also acts as a governing body for DiSc and monitors and evaluates project progress and resourcing. 
The Steering Committee is chaired by Professor David De Roure and comprises members drawn from academic divisions and GLAM. Its current membership includes: Professor Dan Grimley, Dr Sarah Ogilvie, Professor Nandini Das, Professor Jonathan Prag, Judith Siefring, Professor Chris Howgego, Amy Warner May, and Dr Andrew Fairweather-Tall. 

We are seeking an Early Career representative to serve on the committee for a period of 1 year, to ensure DiSc represents the needs and interests of Early Career researchers. 

Role Description

This role is not a paid one. 

The ECR member will be expected to:

  • Serve on the Steering Committee for a period of 1 year
  • Attend and contribute to DiSc Steering Committee meetings which occur twice a term for 1.5-2 hours
  • Read Steering Committee papers in advance of meetings
  • Attend and support some DiSc events and activities
  • Represent the views of your early career researcher peers to the committee
  • Be an advocate for DiSc within and beyond the University

Why join our Committee?

"The main reason for becoming a committee member is the individual's commitment to the cause of the organisation." (Giving Leadership, Giving Time, Volunteer Now 2015)

By participating in the DiSc Steering Committee, you can: 

  • Be a voice for other early career researchers in the digital scholarship community
  • Represent your peers working within digital scholarship
  • Have the satisfaction of helping deliver a major University initiative that will support a range of digital scholars
  • Gain board-level experience and contribute to the academic community
  • Be recognised as an early career leader within digital scholarship
  • Learn more about how digital scholarship and University Steering Committees work
  • Meet and work with a range of digital scholars across the whole University and across its Divisions

Selection Criteria

You will be:

  • An Early Career Researcher, defined as: currently undertaking a DPhil; being within 8 years of the award of your doctorate, or; being within 6 years of your first academic appointment (the first full or part time paid employment that lists research or teaching as primary functions)
  • A current employee or student of the University of Oxford for the term of your appointment
  • Working on research related to digital scholarship and may be based in any division of the University of Oxford
  • Able to work in a collegial manner with others
  • Able to demonstrate experience of communicating with your peers about digital scholarship

Apply now

To apply, please complete the application form by 12 noon 24 February 2022.