Channels of Digital Scholarship

The awareness for the environmental impact of research and teaching activities is rising in Higher Education and Research at large, with a variety of reactions in the disciplines when it comes to implementing an adaptation of professional habits. While some elements are common to all disciplines (buildings, travels), those that work more intensely with ICT-based technologies have developed specific approaches to tackle their energetic gluttony. Within SSH disciplines, Digital Humanities are one of the most energy-intensive fields and are directly impacted with this issue. But questioning the “Digital’ in Digital Humanities supposes to reassess the definition of the discipline itself. 


In this panel, we will explore:

  • Existing “Greening DH” initiatives within the DH community worldwide

  • How to foster climate justice in DH globally

  • Minimal Computing solutions

  • Convergences with large infrastructures for low-resource data preservation and technical requirements in terms of data format

Confirmed speakers:

Alexander Gil Fuentes, Yale University

Emmanuel Ngue Um, Université de Yaoundé

Anne-Cécile Orgerie, CNRS Rennes

Torsten Roeder, Universität Würzburg

Elizabeth Williamson, University of Exeter

This session is convened by Anne Baillot (Le Mans Université) and co-animated with Charlotte Feidicker (Bielefeld University).

To attend this event on Zoom, please register here.