Creative & Heritage Innovation Challenge

Workshop: Monday 15th May 2023, 10am-3pm, Weston Library

Calling all humanities researchers 

Do you like a challenge? Can your humanities research solve problems? 

We’re bringing together experts from the creative and heritage industries to tell us what challenges they face in their work and connecting them with our researchers to see if we can find some digital humanities solutions to real world problems. We want to understand the challenges faced, to propose some solutions based on our research expertise, and to generate interest in developing these solutions further with technical partners. 

The Creative & Heritage Innovation Challenge aims to give you the skills and confidence to successfully apply for funding in a broad range of funding calls, including innovation, spinouts, commercialisation and impact. 

The challenge has four elements 

  • A workshop with experts from the creative and heritage industries where we invite them to bring us their challenges 
  • A workshop with researchers to generate ideas to conquer these challenges 
  • Opportunities for researchers to build skills in areas of innovation and design thinking and further refine these ideas, and start to develop solutions 
  • An event where we showcase the challenges, and potential solutions to all our participants, and a selection of representatives from tech companies 

Workshop: Monday 15th May 2023, 10.00-15.00, Weston Library 

Showcase event: TBC Summer 2023, Central Oxford 

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The aim of our workshop is to bring together humanities researchers to explore, examine and suggest solutions for real world challenges facing colleagues working in the creative and heritage industries. The challenges could be from any area these industries, it may include collections, creatives, content, conservation methods, or analysing audience data. We’ll provide a list of challenges on the IdeaScale platform after our industry workshop in Hilary Term. 

We need your research experience in humanities or digital humanities and your ideas to deliver real impact in industries closely aligned with your work. Don’t worry if you’re not very ‘technical’ - we’ll provide some technical experts (Research Software Engineers) from Digital Scholarship @ Oxford to help translate some of your humanistic ideas into digital solutions.  

Your contribution 

We want to support your ideas and research and to help you generate new areas of research and enquiry.  

This will be in an informal workshop – we don’t expect formal presentations from you, or any work to be prepared beforehand.  

Next steps 

This is a pilot phase for the Creative & Heritage Innovation Challenge and we are seeking fund to develop exceptional ideas into viable products or services. 

For now, participating in this event is the first step in a working relationship with you and helping you generate impact for these industries with your research. This may lead to prototypes or proofs of concepts to the challenges with creative and heritage industry partners in the future. This workshop will also give you more skills and tools to be able to develop research project ideas which can be submitted for Oxford or national funding schemes in the realm of innovation or commercialisation.


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This project is being delivered by IT Services, the Humanities Division, the Bodleian Libraries and Oxford University Innovation